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Sunday, November 11, 2007

11:11 11/11 的靈性能量

11:11 11/11

11:11 是一個神奇的數字. 在1918年, 11月11日11時 第一次世界大戰被正式結束.

今天是2007年11月11日, 我很快起來靜坐冥想, 聽取天使有關11:11的信息:

"11:11 是一個魔方數字, 在這個數字運合底下, 每個人的能量關口都能出現很大的靈性能量. 這股能量能夠被用來調整我們的思想頻率. 如果在這段時間思考您的正面人生, 您會得到強烈的靈性幫助來顯然您所想的. 所以請好好調整您的想法. 小心您所想的 - 因為您可能就會得到它"

在 11/11 or 11:11 的能量下, 我們可以利用這個魔方能量來更快得到我們所想要的.所以, 今天您可以選擇來一個靜坐冥想, 幫助自己專注最高的命運, 來實現您的人生.

My Prayer is : I ask everyone one of us be under the Guidance of Creative Wisdom to be Who We Turely Are in Unity.


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3 comment(s):

Hi, A bit late to post on this message, but ..... my ex-ex-bf's brithday is 11/11 and his brother is 1/11, when I being with him that year, my favor movie star's birth also on 11/11, that year, 11/11...
how are u now?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:21 AM  


i ve been seeing 1111 a lot too....

n recently i m with this guy who can feel peoples emotion.

and since then i have had weird dreams bout different abilities ... i could feel warm feelings from that guy and when hes nervous and think of me i would feel it too..

but when i tell my fds. they say i m crazy...:(


By Blogger My Old Boss Is A Bitch!, at 5:05 PM  



By Anonymous 迷玥兒, at 4:06 PM  


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