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Monday, December 17, 2007

太陽星座 與 生命課題

十二星座分為四類原素星座, 分別是地, 水, 火和風. 而這四類原素星座就有其各主要的人生課題.
  • 火象星座: 白羊、獅子、射手座
    課題: 奉獻出神聖性, 向外開展, 及給別人全面接納的愛
  • 土象星座: 金牛、處女、魔羯座
    課題: 腳踏實地的行事, 及為他人提供服務
  • 風象星座: 雙子、天秤、水瓶座
    課題: 四海皆兄弟, 每個人都是兄弟姊妹
  • 水象星座: 巨蟹、天蠍、雙魚座
    課題: 無論發生什麼事皆能歸於中心, 不受別人的情緒的干擾

掌握課題的內容是我們人生快樂的基本, 您了解了您的課題沒有?

posted by Kryon @ Divine - The Spiritual Shop at 11:39 PM | 2 comment(s)

2 comment(s):

Hi Kyron,

This is Vivian. I did a reading with you last monday.

I wanna ask you what is the difference between "soul reading" and "angel reading"...

I am not sure if you still remember me, but I wanna let you know that I got a new job in less than 24 hours I apply... I felt it was such a blessing

and one more thing is that this job is not my old company (as you suggested in my reading.. cuz they were thinking whether to hire me)... but I think my new company is better than that...

I am looking forward to read your new articles and hopefully when I checked with you later on.. my angels are gonna tell me that they are pleased with my improvement...

By Blogger Vivian, at 8:26 PM  


Hello Vivian,

Yeah, I do remember you :).
There is actually no big different between Angel reading and Soul reading besides Angel Reading is focus on Angel loving and understanding energy while Soul reading focus on hear from your spirit guides, higher self, angels, animal totem, master guide and your own soul to help you clarify your life direction.

Thanks for writing to me. I will pick up my keyborad to write again soon, coz I was undergoing some intensive change in past month, so I feel more like take more time to rest and meditate rather then writing.

Your Angels always encourage with your positive intention for change :)


By Blogger Kryon @ Divine - The Spiritual Shop, at 5:17 PM  


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