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When I was a child, I was being guided to study spirituality, crystal, meditation and energy healing.
Now, I am a Divine-Worker, who devote my life to study spiritual energy and teaching what I have learnt to others.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008


有一位學生問: “這個世界是否有不用語言就能溝通得到的溝通方式”
當時, 我想了想, 等待著身邊的天使和指導靈的回答, 良久, 沒有人說話, 天使沒有說話, 指導靈也沒有說話.


過了三、四分鐘的寧靜, 天使們開腔了, 透過我的口, 他們回答她的問題: “在寧靜中, 我們開始回到自己的內心, 聽到我們內心的聲音, 如交響樂團中, 每一個人都可以專心聆聽到指揮家的指示, 然後又跟其他人和諧共處, 這就是其中一種非語言的溝通”

每一天, 我們都會遇上大大小小的不同事件, 有時這些事件是屬於自己的體驗, 有時也許, 親密朋友的經驗也能讓您感受良多, 也許每一天, 我們都受著大大小小不同的思想沖擊, 什麼是錯, 什麼是對?

世界矛盾的地方, 也許也是它美麗的地方 - 就是它的多元化.
別人認為是對的, 也許在您來說是大錯特錯.
您的個人真理, 也許是另一個人的惡夢.

世界太複雜, 也許我們腦袋受不了那麼多的沖擊, 也計算不大了那多元化的世界
所以, 也許……我們能學會去靜下心來
聆聽自己的心, 走自己的路

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3 comment(s):







事, 人會自得其樂。

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:28 AM  


How to be peace again?

I've love someone in my dream for long long time, one day, we meet again and rebuild a friendship, it feel like dream are coming closer and closer,...but maybe it is only a dream, I thinking of him all the time, can't do anything more, at the beginning my fd support me a lot, but time goes by, he have do anything, and I don't want to noise my friends anymore, I have try to give up many many times, but everytime I try, it get more worest, and every time I think of give up, it really really hurt, it is a pain come from inside, I am not young but I have never love someone that deep, I feel hopeless and don't know how to do, please help!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:40 PM  


I have try to meditation, but it is not working, because I can't be peaceful at day time, all time,I want to cry, but I can't, I understand this is not love if only one person in this relationship, I don't know how to do, but also don't want to make him hate me for saying anything or doing anything, I want to quit, my mind tell me I should quit but my heart can't make it, we are still friend and if I can be clam and stop thinking about him, everything will be fine, but I can't, just can't do it for no reason, please please help.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:53 PM  


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